Kempston Calling

Advertising Rates and Data

Circulation 9500 copies monthly door-to-door in Kempston

FULL PAGE – 244mm deep x 180mm wide - £318

HALF PAGE – 119mm deep x 180mm or 244mm deep x 88.5mm wide or 160mm deep x 134mm wide - £169

QUARTER – 119mm deep x 88.5mm wide or 244mm deep x 43mm wide or 80mm deep x 134mm wide - £75

SIXTH – 80mm deep x 88.5mm wide - £64

EIGHTH – 58mm deep x 88.5mm wide or 119mm deep x 43mm wide - £45

SIXTEENTH – 30mm deep x 88.5mm wide or 58mm deep x 43mm wide - £33

MINI SPOT – 30mm deep x 42.5mm wide - £20 (minimum booking 3 months, prepaid)

All prices are per month +VAT at the prevailing rates – Guaranteed positions – prices on request.

Call: Patricia on 07724 905406 or
Martin on 07894 935952
Email: advertising(at)