Bedford teacher to run the London Marathon on behalf of Sarcoma UK


A teacher from Bedford, Charlotte Martin, is set to take part in her first London Marathon this year, raising vital funds for Sarcoma UK. Having already competed in The 3 Peaks Challenge, 5k, 10K and more recently a half marathon, Charlotte was delighted when her application for the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon was accepted.

In 2018, Charlotte’s best friend, Samantha Whitbread, had her whole world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a sarcoma cancer and unjustly stepped onto a treadmill no one wants to run on. Sarcoma is an uncommon cancer that can develop in the bone or soft tissue, such as the muscle and blood vessels.

Sarcoma UK is a national charity that funds vital research, offers support for anyone affected by sarcoma cancer and campaigns for better treatments. It is the only cancer charity in the UK focusing on all types of sarcoma.

Charlotte comments: “I felt it was time to enter with a place for team Sarcoma and was delighted when I was commended one of their charity places. Due to the closeness of this dreadful illness, my reason to focus my attention towards this charity was, of course, my extremely selfless and special friend and her continuous, battling rounds of chemo to combat this awful disease. So, what is a marathon comparably?”

Once her charity place had been confirmed, the tangibility and enormity of what she had signed up to got real when she started to think about how to up her current mileage, whilst balancing working full time as a primary school teacher and managing her family; Polly 12, Harry and Bertie 7, Hubby, Joff and their black lab, Purdey!

Luckily, some of her running buddies from Transition Coaching were also running the marathon for different charities and with a personalised plan from Charlotte’s lovely and amazing PT, Larissa,  she is well on track with her training.

Charlotte is busy raising funds and along with cake sales, she is also holding a quiz night shortly for friends and family to attend, which has attracted significant interest from local business’s eager to help with auction prizes to help raise funds.

Charlotte continues:

“After running a half marathon last year, I was adamant I would never run (long!) distance again and would stick to 5 or 10K! I actually thought I’d never continue running. I have never relished the thought of running, BUT, there is something so satisfying about completing any run of any distance and we all have the ability to do it with grit and determination and it is NOTHING in comparison to the suffering of those affected by sarcoma.

I have been honoured with the responsibility to raise awareness through fundraising and running madness to help provide funds to support this worthy cause.“

Sarcoma UK’s Chief Executive Richard Davidson, says: “We know all too well how devastating receiving a cancer diagnosis can be, so people like Charlotte really play a vital part in helping to make sure we can continue to fund more research into this cancer that is often overlooked and campaign for more drugs and treatments.

“Events like the London Marathon bring people together who have been affected by sarcoma cancer and help shine a much needed light on the fact that living with sarcoma can be an extremely difficult experience.”

You can donate to Charlotte’s Page here