Edward Bawden: Architectural Elements exhibition at The Higgins


8th February 2020 – 24th January 2021

Edward Bawden: Architectural Elements, a new exhibition showcasing Edward Bawden’s passion for architecture opens at The Higgins Bedford on Saturday 8th February 2020.

Architecture is a reoccurring subject throughout the extensive body of work of influential British artist and designer, Edward Bawden (1903-1989).

The Higgins Bedford is displaying a number of these works in a new exhibition ‘Edward Bawden: Architectural Elements’. This exhibition features prints, advertising campaigns, private commissions, personal Christmas cards and wallpaper designs, some of which have never been on display at The Higgins Bedford.

It was often said of Bawden that he had a ‘unique way of seeing the world’. This is seen in the unconventional architectural prints and illustrations he created. He cropped buildings to reveal hidden details and changed the perspective to show the beauty of the buildings from all aspects.

Douglas Percy Bliss, a friend and biographer of Bawden, said that his art ‘includes all aspects of Design, Architecture and Gardening’.

Bawden spent most of his working life in London and much of his work portrays the city’s buildings. Some of his most recognisable works are featured in the Nine London Monuments series. These atmospheric, detailed prints have been described as ‘among the finest things he has ever done.’

Bawden’s work not only details London’s historic monuments but reflects the changing face of the city, from the uninterrupted skyline during his time as a student in the 1920s, to the aftermath of the Second World War, to the uncertain fate of the buildings facing demolition in the 1960s.

This exhibition explores Bawden’s interest in architecture through a variety of mediums, displaying his originality, wit and skill in giving character to the buildings featured in his work.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of gallery tours later in the year, offering more insight into the works on display.