Flitwick Scouts are still active during the pandemic lock-down

Andrew (left) and Kaleb (right).

Despite not having any face to face section meetings, the children involved with Flitwick Scout Group are still being very active. Some of the sections have had virtual meetings over social media and others have been encouraging the children to work towards some of their challenge or activity badges.

Some of the children have been “camping at home” where they have camped in the garden or built a den in the lounge, bedroom or other part of their house.

They also had to pack the equipment they would need and had to help prepare a meal. Other children have been out walking or cycling with their family to help them earn their Hikes Away and Navigator badges.

In addition, children have been working on their Book Reader, Collector, Digital Citizen, Experiment, Global Issues, Hobbies, Home Safety and Road Safety badges.

A highlight for two of the Beaver Scouts, Kaleb Baldwin and Andrew Taberer, was achieving every single activity badge for the section. These ranged from Animal Friend to Camp Craft and Gardener to Space. Kaleb said, “I feel very lucky and happy to get all the badges for Beavers and I hope other Beavers can do it too.”

Beaver Leader Louise Rutt said, “It’s rare for a child to achieve every activity badge for the section so the fact that two of the Beavers achieved it within a few weeks of each other is brilliant. What it does show is the commitment of the adult volunteers and also that children want to engage on some of the activities at home.”

Many of the Beavers (boys and girls aged 6 to 8) are learning about VE Day and are working towards a special badge. This includes playing the game Battleships, making a parachute for a toy, making a red, white and blue decoration and writing their name in Morse Code.

Norman Williams, Lead Trustee for the Group said, “I’m so proud of all of the volunteers in the Group who are ensuring the 200 children in the Group are continuing to have lots of Scout activities to do during these difficult times. I’m sure when we get back to normality and we can meet face to face there will be a large number of badges presented.

“The volunteers are committed to wanting to help the children and it’s good to see and hear some of the responses from the children and their parents and carers.”

For further information about Flitwick Scout Group, please visit www.flitwickscoutgroup.org.uk