Flitwick Scouts ‘Camping at home’


Over 170 members of Flitwick Scout Group camped at home on April 30. They were participating in a World record attempt to see how many people could ‘camp at home’ on one evening.

Some of the children slept in tents in their gardens and others built dens in the lounge or bedroom.

Elliott McCluskey said: “I built a den in my bedroom using toy boxes, a chest of drawers, my quilt and some sheets. I slept in my sleeping bag on the floor.

“It was a great adventure building the den.”

Everybody from the Group was able to participate in a virtual camp fire where they joined together to sing a variety of songs.

They took part in a scavenger hunt and also made their own virtual camp fires. Gabriel Cooke said: “I packed my kit for the tent. The bag was as big as me!”

The children had to pack their kit for the night, help to cook a meal and participate in a Scout activity which could range from pioneering, to science or learning about another country.

Earlier in the month members of the Group took part in ’hiking to the moon’. This was an initiative set up by Scouts to fundraise for the ’Great Night In’.

Some children walked up and down their stairs several times, others walked, ran and skipped around the garden and others ventured into Manor Park, Flitwick Wood and Flitwick Moor.

Some of them were fortunate enough to be in a video on BBC News. On St. George’s Day many of them put on their uniform and renewed their Scout promise directly after clapping for the NHS and other care workers.

The children are having regular virtual meetings or being given activities to do. These might include being taught how to tie some knots and what they are used for.

They have also been participating in scavenger hunts and working towards several different badges. Lucy Tucker has been working towards her Scientist badge and her mum, Sophie said: “Oh the fun, oh the mess!”

Scout Leader, Darren Reeve said: “The virtual camp was great to organise. Each of the sections joined Zoom at a different time so they could do some activities for their age group. We were then able to have some camp fire songs (with microphones muted)!”

Jonathan Smith, Lead volunteer for the Group said: “We’re doing Scouting in a different way but we are still engaging with the children and young people. Some of the children will have helped to pitch their tent and others would have had fun building their den. I know that lots of the children are doing activities at home and are earning a variety of badges.” 

For further information about Flitwick Scout Group, please visit www.flitwickscoutgroup.org.uk