Amid fears of unruly behaviour Super Saturday was nice and calm


It was billed as Super Saturday, but it was a bit a damp squib with grey skies and blustery winds keeping drinkers at home as the country’s 23,000 pubs and bars opened after lockdown.

With some pubs opening as early as 6am, high streets and city centres were expecting to see punters converge on their favourite boozers for a breakfast time bevvy.

But the early morning rush wasn’t for a pint, but a haircut instead.

Queues of men and boys were soon forming outside barber shops which had finally opened for the first time in months while nearby boozers that had opened early were empty.

Barbers were in for a busy time trying to repair the damage caused by DIY haircuts and carefully remove mullets.

Ladies hair salons were also busy with customers desperate for hair colourings, cuts and styling.

For the first time in months café culture returned to towns centres with tables and chairs outside coffee shops making a long awaited appearance, even if they were further apart than before.

In the market town of Ampthill in Bedfordshire barber Darren Johnson [pictured top] a fierce critic of the mullet said: ”I’m repairing customers’ DIY haircuts and reshaping three month’s worth of growth!

Darren, who runs Dr Barber’s went on to say: “We have had to completely re-work the shop and bring in PPE.

“There is an appointment system which means are numbers are down, but it allows us to clean up and work safely.

“We are working hard to repair the damage caused by DIY haircuts,” he said.