Free ‘Hot Desking’ available during August in Marks Mews


Business in Bedford is being given a reboot with the launch of the ‘Marks Mews’ in the Castle Quay area of the town centre.

Funded by local philanthropist Jo Marks, of Aero­mark company fame, the first tenant in the commercial centre is Alex Falcon Heurta, herself an award-winning entrepreneur.

During the month of August, Alex is offering hot desk spaces within her unit FREE to commuters, or home-workers who need a professional space in which to get business done.

A smart setting for the ‘new normal’ of people who used to commute but don’t want to work from home five days a week, in this modernised building at the back of the Higgins Bedford museum.

From September seats can be secured from £50 + VAT per month, at the smart refurbished premises. In addition there is a board or meeting room.

Alex is the founder and CEO of Soaring Falcons which offers agile accountancy services including helping people access technology to run their businesses.

“What we do keeps you in touch with your bottom line and allows you to make decisions faster and plan better,” says Alex who has been a keynote speaker in her industry. She relocated to the Marks Mews earlier this year.