Bedford Borough Council prosecutes Blue Badge abusers


Bedford Borough Council has prosecuted two individuals for misusing blue badges during October 2020. The perpetrators must pay back over £1,000 between them in fines, costs and victim surcharges.

The Blue Badge scheme was set up to help people with a disability park closer to their destination and many people with a disability rely on this scheme to help them get around more easily.

On October 22, Rasheena Kalyan of Ampthill Road, Bedford pleaded guilty to misusing a Blue Badge after using her father-in-law’s badge to park on Mill Street while taking equipment to her beauty salon.

It is against the law to use a blue badge unless the badge holder is in the vehicle, or the vehicle is being used to pick up or drop off the holder. Ms. Kalyan was ordered to pay a fine of £250, costs of £500 and a victim surcharge of £32. 

David Maddox of St Cuthbert’s Court, Newnham Road, Bedford was also prosecuted in October for illegally using his brother’s blue badge to park in St Loyes Street.

Mr. Maddox claimed that his brother had been with him at the time of the violation, however CCTV footage and bus pass usage information proved that this was not the case.

After eventually pleading guilty, Mr. Maddox was ordered to pay a fine of £120, costs of £200 and a victim surcharge of £32. 

Councillor Michael Headley, Portfolio Holder for Finance, said: “Blue Badge misuse takes parking spaces away from people who need them, which is unacceptable.

“Our Enforcement Officers check blue badges around Bedford Borough every day to ensure that those using them do so legitimately.

“The council will take action against those suspected of misusing a Blue Badge, which could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal conviction.”

If you suspect that someone is committing Blue Badge misuse, you can report it by completing the online form on the Bedford Borough Council website:

Blue Badge misuse can also be reported by contacting the Customer Service Centre via email, or by calling 01234 267422.

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