DNA evidence helps in conviction of nineteen-year-old rapist

Ryan Kirk.

A teenager from Letchworth has been found guilty of orally raped two girls in North Hertfordshire.

Ryan Kirk, 19, told a 13-year-old girl he had given her an ‘early birthday present’ after he had overpowered her in a spinney in Letchworth.

When news of that attack came out on social media a 17-year-old girl came forward to say he had orally raped her in Hitchin.

Prosecutor James Keeley told the jury at St Albans Crown Court: “Neither girl was known to each other beforehand.

“He raped both of them outside. He overpowered them both. He is of stocky build.”

The jury heard that after forcing the younger girl to give him oral sex he walked off and shouted: ”F… you. That’s your early birthday present.”

Ten months earlier, the 17-year-old had gone with him to a bench on a green area by a pond in Hitchin. Theyhad kissed, but she said she did not want to go any further.

Mr Keeley said: “The defendant put his hand on her leg. She told him to stop and said: ‘No’. He persisted and pushed her off the bench onto her knees.”

He orally raped her before walking off without saying a word.

Ryan Kirk, of Highover Road, Letchworth, was convicted of sexual activity with the 13-year-old-girl between January 30, 2019 and January 27, 2020 by a jury majority of ten to two.

He was unanimously convicted of raping the 13-year-old on January 27, 2020 and the 17-year-old on March 7, 2019.

When he was first interviewed by the police, Kirk said he had not had any sexual contact with the younger girl. But Mr Keeley said he had ‘changed his tune’ after DNA was recovered from her coat. He said he believed she was 16 and said that both girls consented.

Judge Stephen Warner adjourned sentence until December 23 for reports to be prepared. Kirk has been remanded in custody.

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