15 Mark Rutherford pupils receive bursaries for university study


Fifteen Mark Rutherford School High Achievers receive the Connolly Foundation Academic Excellence Awards!

At a time when the impact of the coronavirus will be one of the defining features of a whole generation of students, Mark Rutherford School are proud to receive bursary awards for academic excellence for fifteen students going on to university.

The pandemic has triggered significant changes in education systems worldwide so the Connolly Foundation Academic Excellence Awards are very welcome and support students to further their academic development and to help them reach their full potential during such uncertain times.

Deputy Headteacher and Director of sixth form, Mrs Kelli Foster said: “A university education provides an edge in the labour market and promotes confidence and independence.

“These awards will not only further our students academic record of their hard work and achievement, but will support the development of invaluable skills with financial security.

“I am immensely proud to be a partner school in the meaningful Connolly Foundation Academic Excellence Awards Scheme and thank them for the support they provide to our students.”

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