MLT stands out from the crowd


Firstly I’d like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone one of you a happy New Year let’s just hope 2021 will breath a bit of fresh air into our now crippled economy.

We need to put this dreaded pandemic to bed for good which has devastated our local nightlife and hospitality sectors.

Unfortunately there will be casualties along the route, for many the stress and hardship has forced voluntarily closures, all we can do now is follow the rules and keep safe as I feel we still have a long way to go before we eliminate this devil!

January is usually an ideal month to look back on the memorable events of the past year but 2020 was certainly a year not many will want to remember, probably the worst year on record for hospitality and entertainment in Bedford.

We receive artists biographies into our office on a fairly regular basis from DJs, singers groups, bands, the list is endless, however every now and then a profile comes in that stands out, MLT is the name that done exactly that!

MLT Music Live Through) is a 33-year-old music writer from Bedford, his music revolves around hip hop rap and RnB.

He started out his career as a dancer which soon progressed into teaching dance himself, unfortunately he had to put his career on hold for for a few years whilst he started a family but his his passion for music soon bought him back to the scene again but this time as a writer.

MLT whose real name is Terrence Logen Northover, quotes: “Two artists have inspired me along the way, these are Wretch 32 and Lady Leshurr, the way in which they deliver their lyrics and tell a story through music is what really drove me to start creating my own.”

Now one year on MLT has released five songs to his name which are available on all major platforms, Spotify, Apple music and YouTube, he has been interviewed by local radio station In2beats FM and BBC Three Counties Radio.

He is currently working on his first EP called ‘Music Lives Through’ which is going to include a featured single with a well known Artist called S1. He is also busy creating videos for two of his current singles, a very busy man doing good things within the community, keep an eye out as there are more projects coming in the new year featuring MLT.

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