Party goer gets jailed for breaking rules and assaulting police officer


A police officer who had been called to break-up a party that was in breach of Covid rules had a glass hurled at him.

The officer suffered a wound to the front of his head during an aggressive confrontation with Vaidas Nartautas.

Nartautas, 23, was jailed for eight months on Wednesday January 13, 2021, at Luton Crown Court by a judge who said the officer was simply doing his duty on behalf of society.

Prosecutor Alex Matthews said the party, on June 14 last year in Underwood Close, Luton, was in contravention of the Covid rules.

She said: “It was a barbecue that spilled out onto the street. The defendant was there with his partner.

“The police became involved and things became heated.

“There was an aggressive confrontation. The defendant said: ‘I will f… you up.’

“He threw a glass at the officer and caused a wound that needed stitches. He was off work for five days.”

Ms Matthews said the officer was treated for a wound to the front of the scalp that was five centimetre long and one centimetre deep.

Nartautas of Maidenhall Road, Luton appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to wounding. He had four previous convictions for eight offences.

Defending, Julian Winship said Nartautas offered no excuses. He said he had acted out of character.

The judge was sent character references and newspapers reports. The reports set out how Nartautas, then 16, had in July 2014 tried in vain to save a friend from drowning in a quarry in Clophill, Beds.

Judge Steven Evans told him: “You assaulted a police officer in the street with a weapon. The officer was responding to a contravention of Covid regulations. He was simply doing his job on behalf of the rest of society.”

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