Matthew’s mysteries reach New York – Sherlock stories serialised


Bedfordshire author Matthew Simmonds has seen his Sherlock Holmes stories promoted in the New York Times*.

He has written three instalment mysteries under where subscribers receive a letter each month giving clues to a Sherlock-style puzzle. 

“It’s been a real challenge writing the stories in such a way that each letter they receive gives them enough information but not all the answers.

“They’re great fun for the subscribers who enjoy getting old style authentic letter each month, rather than just doing quizzes online,” said Matthew who is the fourth generation co-owner of a family tobacconists, which of course sells Sherlock-style pipes.

Matthew is also working on a follow-up to his successful Sherlock Holmes full novel The Pigtail Twist, on sale online (and when open, via the family shop at 80 High Street, Bedford).

The Pigtail Twist is set in Bedfordshire and makes a great gift of for fans of the Conan Doyle character.

Writing “new” Sherlock Holmes mysteries is a business which has a global reach. 
The super sleuth remains ever popular. A translation of The Pigtail Twist is now on sale in Italy in the forms of bright yellow book forms which will be easily recognised by those who have travelled there.

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