Moon-light fishing escapade ends in jail sentence of nine months


A man who tried to smuggle mobile phones into Bedford jail was caught when an alert prison officer saw a fishing line dangling over a wall.

Abdul Allen, 33, ran off when the police were called, but gave up after a short chase, Luton Crown Court heard on Friday, February 19, 2021.

Prosector Kira Pourawal said that at 1.30am on Tuesday, March 3, last year the officer noticed a fishing line “shimmering in the light.”

He saw a package catch on the barbed wire on the wall. Inside were 13 mobile phones, 12 USB cables, an iPhone and cable, 16 SIM cards, tobacco and rizla papers.

The police were called and saw Allen jump over a neighbouring school wall and run off down side streets before he was caught.

He gave the officers his name. He told them he owed a friend a debt and agreed to deliver a package, but thought it only contained tobacco.

Allen, of Prospect Close, Ruislip, appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to throwing an article into a prison. He had four previous convictions.

In 2009 he was jailed for 15 months for robbery. Defending, Hannah Williams said, Allen was the primary carer for three young children as his wife worked full time.

“He acknowledges the seriousness of what he did.

“He thought it was tobacco and was acting under instruction to pay off a debt.”

She said he had made a terrible error of judgement.

Recorder John Freeman jailed him for nine months, saying: “You went to prison in 2009 yourself. You knew what the rules were. The Court of Appeal has made it clear what a serious offence this is. It completely rots the prison system.”