Mile Road Gang members jailed for running ‘county line’ drug dealing


Two members of Bedford’s Mile Road Gang were each sentenced to more than four years on Thursday, September 9, 2021, for drug dealing.

Domonik Dubiel.

Domonik Dubiel, 23, and Robuil Islam, 19, were involved in running a county line, supplying drug users in Cambridge.

They were first arrested in the city in October 2019 and were released under investigation by the police. Despite this they were dealing again between June and November last year, Luton crown court heard.

Prosecutor Isabel Delamere said: “They were part of the County Line and were part of the Mile Road Gang based in Bedford.”

Robuil Islam.

Dubiel was arrested for the second time when he was seen getting into a taxi in South Seventh Street in Milton Keynes on November 3, 2020.

The police searched a flat nearby where they found Islam, designer clothes, £22,040 in cash and a burner phone.

The two had been linked to the Cambridge drug operation by mobile phone evidence. During a raid on an address officers arrested a 14-year-old boy and found 107 wraps of cocaine and heroin, scales and a serrated sword.

While the police were searching the house one customer came to the door with cash in his hand to buy drugs, said Ms Delamere.

When they were arrested for the first time they were passengers in a Fiesta car in Cambridge on October 24, 2019.

Dubiel had two burner phones on him. Islam had two wraps of drugs which fell from his trousers. He was searched and five packages of crack and heroin were found on him.

They had been involved in the supply of drugs from September 10, that year. Dubiel of Greenkeepers Road, Great Denham and Islam of Mather Road, Bedford, pleaded guilty to four counts of being concerned in the supply of cocaine and heroin.

Islam also admitted possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply on 24 October 2019 and possessing cannabis.

Dubiel had been extradited back to Poland after an earlier offence of drug supply, but managed to get back to Bedford by travelling first to Ireland.

For Dubiel, Richard Elliott said: “He wants to go to Poland and not come back. He was coerced into this (drug dealing) from a very young age and wants to extricate himself from it.”

He said he was the brightest young man and had been under the control of the gang. A shot had been fired at his family’s home. The £20,000 found at the flat was not just for him, said Mr Elliott.

Richard Mohabir said Islam, who had been the victim of a serious life-threatening attack in Bedford, had been pressurised by the gang. He said he was only 17 at the time of the 2019 offences. He said Islam’s partner was expecting their first child.

He said: “He want to go to his brother’s home in Blackburn to get away from Bedford. He is motivated to change.”

Recorder David Bridge sentenced Dubiel to a total of 52 months and Islam to a total of 51 months. He told them: “You were selling drugs directly to users.

“You had an operational level in the chain of supply.”

The judge said the case was “seriously aggravated” as they had been arrested for dealing in 2019 and then carried on last year. The money seized is to go to charity and the drugs, drug paraphernalia and sword are to be destroyed.