Waders’ roundup



​Report by Mike Draxler

​It doesn’t come a lot better than this! A quality match played out by two teams, no quarter given, none expected, the biggest desire – to win!

Tamworth came with an unblemished away record, the Waders improving every week, so the scene was set as the game kicked off in uncertain weather. Waders pressed fast and furious as usual, getting two corners in quick succession. The second in from the right from Matt Ball found Joe White spinning 180 to put the ball past all on three minutes. Great start but always a worry to score so early. No need as the Waders pressed the right buttons to continue forward. Best of the chances a vicious header from Gradi Milenge just flicking the bar from another corner. On 29 a free kick in from the right gave Tamworth one of their few chances of the afternoon. Tamworth 10 Bilal Yafai shot from the 18 yard line and hit a defender to wrong foot Sam Donkin. At 1-1 the game was poised but the home fans as expected got behind the team for the second half.

The break brought fresh resolve from all the guys wearing green and the pressure was ramped up against Tamworth. The occasional sortie downfield was all Tamworth could achieve and did not test our happy Wanderer in goal. It was all Waders, The passing swift through the midfield up to the forward line to try and get that special moment. It arrived on 59, at first disputed for handball from Joe White as the ball crossed the line but on advice from the assistant on the far side the ball had crossed the line before Joe had thighed/handled a shot from Matt Ball. At 2-1 finely balanced, the defenders stood tall. Returning Rhys Hoeness had one of the quietest games of his life. Smith and Milenge were giants who commanded everything. Lucien, Sambou and Marsh-Brown showing their whole box of tricks. As the time wore on the game slowed not a pace. It ended in a Wader’s victory but take a bow Tamworth you played your part in one of the best games seen at the Langford Road for a while.



​After the monumental effort against Tamworth last Saturday, a long journey to Coalville was the last thing the Waders needed. Coalville not having lost thus far this season, Biggleswade on a winning run.

​It all started so brightly close to the orange shirts the Waders sported.  Kicking down the slope the Waders were soon into action with Shaun Lucien tricky as ever, Ky Marsh-Brown on the other wing not quite having the same success. The ever running Joe White causing problems. The half went at double speed, the Waders pushing but not hitting the target despite having all the play.  Coalville struck on one of the few attacks managed in the first 45 when Tim Berridge twisted his way past defenders to plant a shot fully past Sam Donkin on 42. Against the run of play, Maybe? But a half time advantage gave the home crowd a buzz.

Out for the second period and the tired legs of the Waders began to show kicking up the slope. Coalville defenders now had the measure of the Biggleswade front players and kept all down to just one single chance in the second half.  Coalville were also contained but a loose ball found Luke Shaw on 62 for the easiest of chances.  I think we knew then that perhaps the game was lost and Coalville preserved their record.

Lee Allinson always real, win or lose, said after the game Coalville were the best team we have played so far.

Mom  Shaun Lucien



​Oooh the highs and lows of football, the emotions tugged at every turn. No wonder so many follow the beautiful game.

​With only one change from Tuesday, with Matty Miles coming in at full back for the absent Devante Stanley, the Waders set about getting the team back on track. Another bright start with dominant boys in green, the normal service expected from an Allinson team. Reward came early as a corner coming in found the slashing boot of captain Gradi Milenge for the ball to hit the back of the net at speed. Great start and it continued as Shaun Lucien again put in a shift linking with Solomon Sambou in some great interchange of passing. Chances came but missed when it seemed easier to score. The only way Banbury were going to get back was via a spot kick, their attack nullified by our big back four. An “attackers” tackle brought just such a reward on 38 and Jannai Gordon converted with ease.  Half time and a chance to re-group.

​Disaster occurred just one minute in as Ky Marsh-Brown was sent off for a second yellow card.  Playing with 10 Biggleswade were pushed back, looking to defend, but something had to give as Banbury 9 took the free kick of his life on 60. Up and over the wall and into the only space available to beat Sam Donkin. That was the wake up call and the Waders got back on track determined to repair the damage. 10 men true worked so hard for that equaliser and it came from an unexpected source as Tommy Smith repeated his defending partner by lashing the ball into the net from a corner. Going home with a point at least with only 5 minutes to go. Waders still not given up as the magical Lucien found his way past 3 defenders to centre the ball. How it was scooped over from 2 metres? it happens. At the other end in time added, heartbreak as Gordon found himself lonely at the far post to head home a late winner on 90+2