Hip Hop route to career in dance


Young people can now take quick steps towards a career in dance from September at The Bedford College Group thanks to a team of show-stoppers.Hip Hop, Commercial, Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Contemporary Dance are covered in this exciting collaboration between the region’s leading Further Education provider, and some expert industry practitioners.

Jazmin Buckley is known in the international industry under the brand of Phoenix Starr and Bobbi Eaton comes with numerous West End and international performance credits to her name, along with over 10 years teaching and management experience. 

Jazmin is an international judge at dance events – demonstrating the highest standards which are being brought to Bedford.The Phoenix Starr brand has been extended from an academy for children at Luton as well as a dance teacher training course, to now include an 25-hour per week, two-year, Level 3 Extended Diploma qualification for 16- 19-year-olds at the Bedford College campus.

“We offer dance tuition, access to international competitions, agency access to employment, work experience and advice on self-employment,” said Bobbi, “This is an exciting development with The Bedford College Group and we are looking forward to seeing our students gain an official qualification while taking part in top level competitions.”
*The squad had won a place in the British Hip Hop Unite Finals prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.