Dope smokers spoil our evenings


Residents on one of Kempston’s busy estates are living with smell of the smoke from their ‘pot’ smoking neighbours.

Despite complaints to the landlords, bpha and the police nothing appears to have happened to curb this menance.

Residents report witnessing drug deals being made in the High Street, near Owen Close.

Groups have been gathering in Cryselco playing field where the strong whiff of cannabis could be smelt.

It has been noted that the police have this area on their radar.

One resident complained: “They sit out in their back ­garden and the smoke comes into my bedroom, it’s not fair on me or ­others with young children.

“We have spoken to our neighbours politely but it’s like water off a ducks back. I thought it was illegal!

“You can’t sit out in your own back garden because of the sickly, sweet smell, I understand that this problem is rife throughout Kempston.”

Parents have commented on the fact that when you walk the children to school the smell is in the air and you have to explain to the kids what it is.

Kempston Calling asked the Mayor of Kempston, Carl Meader about this problem, he commented: “I’ve been made aware of this on several occasions, but without names and addresses the police can do little, I urge people to use the 101 number, in the strictest confidence.”

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