Kay served Glenn Miller before his last fateful flight


A former Silver Service waitress at a Bedford High Street restaurant celebrated her 102 birthday on May 10.

Kathleen French now a resident at Kempston’s Parkside home has lived in Bedford all of her long life.

During her formative years Kathleen was a pupil at Goldington Road School. Along with her sister and brother they lived with their parents Elizabeth and Arthur in George Street, Bedford.

During WWII Kay did her bit for the war effort mending barrage balloons in Cardington Hangers.

She also had a silver service job at the Dudeney and Johnston restaurant in the High Street.

She remembers one famous person from her waitressing days and that was the famous band leading Glenn Miller who she served the night before he took off for America – never to arrive.

Nowadays Kay is happy to reminisce about her seven holidays to the USA and do a bit of reading in between listening to music and watching her favourite soap opera, Coronation Street.