Why not join the Bedford’s Airship Dreamers Club?


With the school summer holidays in full swing, bored children and stressed parents, are about to benefit from joining the Airship Dreamers Club developed by Bedford Creative Arts (BCA). 

The Airship Dreamers Club is part of BCA’s Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity project, which is an immersive artwork and community-curated exhibition exploring Bedford’s airship heritage. 

The artwork will be on display in The Higgins’ William Harpur Gallery until November 28, 2021 and is exhibited alongside a community-sourced display of airship artefacts, stories, inspiration and memorabilia donated by airship enthusiasts from the local community and around the world. 

The club is a fun and educational resource which explores the history and science behind airships, using videos and worksheets. The club is perfect for children who love using their imagination and learning about what makes things tick. 

Airship Dreamers is hosted by Community Champion, Sita Thomas, who presents on Channel 5’s Milkshake TV programme. 

Sita presents a selection of inspiring and original videos which explore the fascinating history of the Bedford and airships.

In each video Sita speaks to a special guest, from children’s book author Vashti Hardy, to Little Science Lab‘s Kristina Castle, plus many more. 

Each video contains a challenge for Airship Dreamers to create something new, for example making an airship mobile, exploring the science of flight, fun experiments such as building a cannister rocket or using their imagination to come up with a flight of fantasy story.

There are work sheets to support each video so there is plenty of information to complete the activities. Once complete, contact BCA and the Airship Dreamers will earn a certificate and an Airship Dreamers badge. 

If you have any budding Airship Dreamers who’d like to be a member of the club, please email hello@airshipdreams.com to receive a wall chart that will help track their progress. Be sure to share any airship creations by emailing or contacting BCA on social media using #AirshipDreams. 

To find out more about the Airship Dreamers club please visit www.airshipdreams.com

To find out more about Airship Dreams: Escaping Gravity art exhibition at The Higgins Bedford, please visit https://bedfordcreativearts.org.uk/article/airship-dreams-escaping-gravity-launching-10th-july-2021-at-the-higgins-bedford/