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Route to engineering careers

In the current climate, STEM (science technology engineering and maths) skills are in huge demand. The best career paths...

Art talent nurtured by inspirational tutors at Bedford College Arts faculty

A range of former Bedford College students are proving themselves in the competitive world of art and design. The common denominator is they...

Wild adventures await – which would you choose?

1) University, £9,000 a year debt for online courses, stuck at home, no guarantee of a job at the end of it.

Bedford College proud of their students’ successes

Bedford College has an impressive range of alumni from its arts courses. Here are three who are currently succeeding.  

Bedford’s beauty spot

Howard Street in Bedford became a “beauty spot” when students from Brooks Hair & Beauty training salon took to the streets for...

Medal for Bedford College’s cyber Master Daniel

Computing Course Manager Daniel Hulatt has won bronze in the national BTEC Teacher of the Year Award. Against fierce...

Top team in modern construction

Led by Director of Construction David Wilkins, The Bedford College Group now has six expert Head of Departments covering all specialisms of...

Up to £4,000 grants for businesses to take on apprentices

Employers can claim up to £4,000 for taking on an apprentice aged 16-18.And, apprentices of any age can attract £3,000 of funding.

Fishing for outdoor careers

A stock pond project at Shuttleworth College gives Fisheries, and Countryside Management learners a chance to link up with industry leaders. 

National Apprenticeships Week

February 8 and more thanks to The Bedford College Group The Bedford College Group has led the way in...
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