Exciting plans for sport in the town


Exciting plans for an ambitious sporting project in Rushden have been announced.

Rushden Town Council has revealed it has submitted a planning application for an ambitious project to provide new sports and community facilities for the town.

The new 60-acre site is on land to the south of the town, close to Manor Park.

The first phase of this project will be the construction of a new sports/community building, which will accommodate Rushden and Higham Rugby Club and provide space for community activities.

The rugby club has now outgrown its site at Manor Park and this move will give it much needed additional pitches and enhanced changing facilities.

Club chairman David Griffiths said:  “The opportunity Rushden & Higham Rugby club has been given, will allow the club to look forward to another 50-plus years of continued activity, which will give more friendships made and memories cherished for future generations.

“It will allow us to develop as a quality rugby club and improve our standards right across the board.

“As a dedicated rugby club this will allow us to strive to improve and become one of the leading lights in the local if not wider rugby community, allowing the club to offer a more complete rugby and social experience to our member’s and set a solid foundation for the future.The facilities will also allow us to do more for the community and give something back to a very proud and loyal town.”

The remainder of this large site will provide space for additional sporting and recreational requirements for Rushden residents. The town council has already been in contact with a number of local sports clubs to assess their future requirements.

The council feels by securing the site, it has managed to safeguard enough land to provide sports and community facilities for many years to come.

The venture will be made possible by the sale of Manor Park.

The council said it as delighted at a large, enhanced, recreational green space was being created at Manor Park for future public use.