Youngsters get a taste of the health service


YOUNG Healthwatch Northamptonshire volunteers took part in activities to find out more about Northampton General Hospital and Kettering General Hospital and to give young people a taste of future careers in the NHS

Takeover day allows children and young people to gain an insight into the adult world and organisations open their doors to benefit from a fresh perspective on their work.

Volunteers invited to both hospitals for an action-packed day meeting staff, hearing about children and young people’s feedback as patients and trying out some fun features at the hospital which allows for a better stay for young people.

After a meet and greet and attending a board meeting with the CEO and board members at Kettering Hospital, the young volunteers talked about feedback that the hospital receive from patients about how patient experience can be improved, especially for young people.

At Northampton General Hospital, the Young Healthwatch team had the opportunity to hop aboard the children’s train, driven by its amazing volunteers.

The train allows for young patients to have fun while being transported around the hospital for treatments and procedures.

Meanwhile, at KGH, Young Healthwatch members met the communications team for the hospital and had an insight into how they keep the public updated with new and exciting developments within the hospital.

Volunteer Kia said: “The environment is very friendly, all the staff are lovely and they make you feel really welcome.

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