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The 18-year-old from Rushden is currently living in a neurological rehabilitation home while awaiting to move into her flat within supported living.

She was diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder at the age of 10. Shortly after she got the diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety.

But now – during lockdown – she is the latter stages of the international singing contest, Viralstar.live on You Tube.

Her mum Lesley Palliser said: “Ebony-mae struggled at school but it was there she met her Molly and they have remained best friends ever since.

“Ebony-mae was always quiet in front of others, except for immediate family. Her first time she sang in front of the family was when she was around 13 and sang Let It Go in a corner of her grandparents’ house with her back to us all.

“From there she started watching You Tube tube videos of people singing songs from musicals. In year 10 at school, Ebony-mae entered a talent show, however she was too shy to sing in front of everyone so she stood behind a curtain. The year after she had gained so much confidence in her singing that she sang ‘I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables and won.”

Her mum said in 2018 Ebony-mae was diagnosed with having non epileptic seizures. She would have them at anytime of the day and would cause her to collapse on the floor.

After lots of tests at the hospital, the family was told she has functioning neurological disorder. As time passed she started to regain some movement in her legs but as one symptom of the disorder started to improve, another one would appear. Ebony-mae can have up to 200 seizures a week, be paralysed from the neck down, unable to move arms and legs, and she loses the ability to speak.

Mrs Palliser said: “This made her even more determined to try and make the good days better. She started singing more operatic songs and completely blew everyone away with her singing when we were invited to a starlight wish foundation Christmas party held at 11 Downing Street.

“Her confidence has grown massively from starting off as a young girl who would not lift her head up to talk to someone, to now a young lady who will sing anywhere. For her 17th birthday we got in touch with a local singing teacher Odette Green, (who has been featured previously in The Reporter), and has helped Ebony-mae to develop her skills.”

Ebony-mae entered Britain’s Got Talent and made it through to round two but sadly did not make it to sing in front of the judges.

Her mu said: “However, she has entered the competition which is open up to contestants from around the world and has made it to the semi-finals which takes place on Tuesday, (April 28).

“It will be streamed anytime from 4pm on all social media platforms. Viewers are able to vote by clicking on the link on their page.”

The final of the competition is on Thursday, (April 30), The winner receives £250 plus a trophy and the company are also making a donation to the NHS. If Ebony-mae wins, she has said she will use the money to purchase items for her flat.

Her mum said: “It would really make Ebony-mae’s dream come true if she has the backing of our community and it would be great to have a Rushden girl win.”

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You can also find the Watch Party on Facebook here viralstar.live

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