Austin gears up for a drive-by birthday treat


YOUNG Austin Kitchener is looking forward to a birthday treat to remember.

His family is organising a drive-by past their house in Carnegie Street, Rushden, at noon, to his eighth birthday on Thursday, May 28.

Supported by friends, car enthusiasts and the emergency services and backed by Moor Road Garage in the town, the event is sure to brighten up the town during lockdown.

His mum, Bridget, said: “We were due to have a day out on that day for his birthday as since moving from a mainstream school into a special school he no isn’t having a party.
“But he misses his friends from both schools and hopefully some of them will drive by for us too.

“Austin is obsessed with super cars, VWs, classic cars loud cars, motorbikes, and tractors, so we are hoping for a good day.

“This seems to be the safest way for everyone to enjoy themselves.”


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