Exciting times as Higham Town Football Club continues to grow


EXCITING times are on the cards for Higham Town Football Club.

The club has signed a 30-year renewal on its lease with The Duchy of Lancaster as it plans to develop a new clubhouse and facilities at its headquarters.

There has also been a change at the top with long-serving chairman Colin Watts stepping down and James Sharp taking up the position.

Mr Watts, above left, said: “It has been a fantastic journey and a privilege to serve as chairman for the last 11 years at Higham Town FC.

“I still intend to be involved at the club along with my trustee role as there is still so much to do with regard to the clubhouse build project.

“It seemed a natural time to hand over to James Sharp as we have worked together on the project for the last three years and he has been instrumental in all aspects of club development and CV19 safety at the club.

“I wish him well and every success in his new role and I urge everyone connected with Higham Town FC to fully get behind these new times and support James in his chairmanship. Thanks to everyone for your fantastic support.”

Mr Sharp, above right, said: “It is right up there with one of the proudest points of my life so far.

“I have worked with Higham now for nearly 10 years, firstly as just a coach and then as part of the committee.

“The last three years I have been in the vice-chairman role focusing more on developing the club and supporting the chairman.

“There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and I have the pleasure of working with a very dedicated and pro-active team of people.

“Colin has been a cornerstone to the club and I have learnt a lot from him over the years, its great to see him continue as a trustee and hopefully this will give him time to relax and enjoy more family time which he deserves.

“We all thank Colin for the huge efforts and sacrifices he has made over the years.

“I hope that I can bring the same level of integrity and drive as we move forward into these new chapters of life at Higham Town FC.

“We have very exciting and busy times ahead and its great to see the club developing in so many ways each and every week.

“Having worked so closely with the club now for many years, I am very focused on ensuring we can provide the best in local football and become the benchmark for those around us to measure against.

“I would like to thank the committee for its confidence and continued voluntary support in ensuring the club remains in a strong position.

“Lastly, I would like to thank all the parents and players for investing their confidence in our club and its coaches, we see ourselves as one big family and that ethos will always remain one of our core aims.”

The trustees now compromise of Mr Watts, Kevin Briggs, Mr Sharp and Steve Oslar.