Dog owners warned after marks on fence post


Thrapston Town Council has issued a warning to dog owners.

A town resident informed the council they had ‘2 x D’ written on their fence post.

The police has advised them it is likely to have been written by people intending to try and steal the two dogs.

The council warned on Facebook: “Please be vigilant, check your fence and gates and if you find any writing or unusual items, (cable ties, paint marks), report it to police via the 101 non-emergency number or via the Northamptonshire Police website.

“After taking a photo for the police try and then remove any marker items or clean off any writing or marks as best you can.

“Keep all doors and windows shut and do not leave your dogs unattended outside at any point.

“Following the other recent report regarding the attempted theft of a dog while on a walk we strongly urge residents to stay alert and take extra care of their pets.”

Contact to report any incidents.

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