Children are crying out for Reading Helpers in a school near you


Reading volunteers are desperately needed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thousands of children will not have had enough reading practice during lockdown.

In a normal year, one in four children leave primary school unable to read well.

Most children will have missed a term of school, so the reading gap is now wider.

Children who struggle with reading are more likely to live in poverty and be unemployed as adults.

Schoolreaders needs more volunteers in your local area to support children’s reading and prevent them falling further behind.

If you want to make a difference to a child’s life, apply to become a schoolreader. No qualifications are needed – just a love of reading and some spare time each week.

The process to become a cchoolreader takes a few weeks, so please apply now so you can be ready to start as soon as it can be arranged.

To join, please visit or contact 01234 924111 for further information.

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