Farm shop launched Caring at Christmas campaign to help feed kids over the festive period

Adrian Smith and Jeanette Walsh.

Fewer children across Northamptonshire will be going hungry on Christmas Day this year after a local farm generously donated food hampers to those in need.

With hunger and the free school dinner campaign hitting the news agenda in recent months, Smiths Farm Shop decided to get involved in supporting local children.

The family business has already donated food parcels to a children’s home in Northampton as part of its Caring at Christmas campaign.

In addition, a percentage of each Christmas tree sale will be used to purchase gifts for young people across the county.

Former social worker Jeanette Walsh, the county’s Christmas campaign co-ordinator, has been busy buying the presents to make sure as many children as possible receive something on Christmas morning.

Also known as Mrs Christmas, Jeanette said: “This year has been pretty bleak for everyone, but the impact of COVID-19 has affected some people more than others. Many have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay the bills and sadly there are families and children out there who are really hungry.

“Smiths Farm Shop is a local business which firmly believes in supporting its local community. I urge people to buy their tree from them this year, so we can collect as much money as possible for the kids in care across the county.”

All the gifts will be donated to several care homes across the county.

Proprietor of the farm shop, Adrian Smith said: “My heart aches to think of any child going to bed hungry at night. Footballer Marcus Rashford’s petition urging the government to extend free school meals helped highlight there’s a real hunger problem in this country and we wanted to do something to help.

“Christmas is a busy time for us as a business but I’d like to think that COVID-19 has made us more compassionate towards others. We hope that our small contribution has helped put a smile on at least one child’s face and food in their belly this Christmas.”

Smiths Farm Shop has been selling Christmas trees for more than 30 years and believe the firs they sell last longer than trees bought elsewhere. This is because they are cut fresh from a nearby plantation and are transported straight to the farm where they are laid out immediately for sale.

Once again, farm visitors can view a massive range of trees displayed in the front field so they can see their tree first in all its finery before purchasing.  

The Smith family have been in business since 1958. Proud of their heritage, the company supports like-minded local food producers, providing them with an outlet to sell their homegrown products.

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