Lockdown hero joins the Cadets and gets a place on the Young People’s Board for Change


Lockdown hero Cameron Douglas, who joined forces with Northamptonshire Police and Wiltshire Police to deliver homemade PPE to his grandmother in Swindon, has joined the Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets and secured himself a place on the NSPCC Young People’s Board for Change.

Cameron, aged 13, contacted the Force during one of the Facebook Live Q&A sessions it held in the first Covid-19 lockdown – he had spent all of his pocket money on a 3D printer and wanted to know whether he could ask an adult to transport his homemade PPE from Northamptonshire to Swindon, where his grandmother lives in a care home.

Unfortunately, as the question was posed during the lockdown, officers had to advise him he couldn’t, but after making contact with their colleagues at Wiltshire Police, offered him an alternative instead, which he was delighted to take up.

Instead of Cameron and his family making the journey, officers from the Force’s Driver Training School, who were due to make a long journey anyway as part of their training, collected the PPE from Cameron’s house and drove it to the Wiltshire border.

From there it was picked up by Wiltshire Police officers who dropped it off to Cameron’s very grateful grandmother who was very proud of her grandson.

At the time, Cameron was praised for his selflessness and kindness with Superintendent Elliot Foskett commenting on the fact that “he had a bright future ahead of him”.

Now, Cameron is proving us all right as he has just joined the Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets as well as being accepted onto the NSPCC Young People’s Board for Change – a position in which more than 250 young people applied for with only 15 places available.

The Board meet regularly to champion young people’s views through the NSPCC, work with national and regional campaigns teams to campaign for change, and share their views and ideas with key decision makers at the NSPCC. Cameron’s position on the board will allow him to be a voice for young people and make senior leaders within the police listen to his and his peer’s views.

Anne-Marie Lawson, Director of the Emergency Service Cadets, said: “Cameron is a very special young man who continuously demonstrates what a kind and determined individual he is.

“I would like to send him our warmest congratulations for getting onto the Young People’s Board for Change and I know that his voice will make a huge difference – we are all super proud of him.”