Up to £4,000 grants for businesses to take on apprentices


Employers can claim up to £4,000 for taking on an apprentice aged 16-18.

And, apprentices of any age can attract £3,000 of funding.

Head of Business Development Julie Hoult of The Bedford College Group, which includes Tresham College says: “We can guide companies through the process. It does require a commitment to allow the individual to spend 20% of their time in training. That doesn’t have to be a day release to college, it can be online learning or mentoring in the workplace.

“But the Government is putting more money up to incentivise employers to take on new apprentices of all ages.

“From April 1 the new Government Incentive of £3,000 can be used for those that start employment within the organisation from April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021, this is for all employers and for any age group.

“In addition there is an employer grant, that is age-related, of £1,000 for employers that take on, or put existing staff through an apprenticeship, at the age of 16-18.

“So, if an employer signs up an apprentice aged 17 on from April 1, they could claim £4,000.

“If they took on a 25-year-old from April 1, they could claim £3,000.

“If they had an existing staff member who was 18 and put them on an apprenticeship they could claim £1000. But if they had an existing staff member who was 25 and put them through an apprenticeship, they could claim nothing.”

Extra circumstances: If the employee has additional needs and has an educational, health care plan in place, there are extra funds available for them as apprentices, if aged under 25. 

What about the Apprenticeship Levy system? For larger companies who are Apprenticeship Levy payers, they can use their levy to put existing staff through apprenticeships to upskill them (so no cost coming from their training budget).
If non-levy payers they only have to contribute 5% and the Government will pay the 95% of the apprenticeship cost. For those with fewer than 50 employees, the Govt will fund 100% of course fees for 16-18- year-olds