Ever wondered what life as a police officer would be like?


Ever wondered what life as a police officer would be like, but never took the chance?

If you’ve ever thought of being a police officer, but ended up taking a different path or you’re considering it as a career, but want to get an insight first, then now is your chance to get that experience as a Special Constable.

Northamptonshire Police has opened-up recruitment for Special Constables, allowing people to get the experience under their belt, whether they’re considering a career change, or just want to give something back in their spare time.

Same uniform, same powers
Special Constables are volunteer police officers who wear the same uniform and have the same powers and responsibilities as regular officers.

They enjoy a variety of roles and carry out duties like their regular counterparts. These include responding to a variety of 999 calls which can range from anti-social behaviour and criminal damage to road traffic collisions, public order events and serious assaults.

They are responsible for making house-to-house enquiries, presenting evidence in court and making arrests.

The only difference between specials and regular officers is that the time they give up – a minimum of 16 hours a month – is voluntary.

Diverse roles, diverse walks of life
The Force currently has 208 specials and is looking to increase this to 232 with 24 new recruits.

As specials, they undertake roles within the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, as response officers dealing with emergency 999 calls, or on the Safer Roads Team.
Specials come from all walks of life and fit their volunteer work around full-time positions and family lives.

Sue Torrance, Specials and Volunteers Sergeant, said “It never ceases to amaze me the diversity, life experience, skills and culture which our specials bring to the Force family.

“This ranges from teachers, engineers, force despatchers, architects, business managers, sports coaches, HGV drivers and paramedics to name but a few.

“Officers join for different reasons too, myself as an ex-special 24 years ago wanted a better insight into policing, here I am and never looked back. Most of our career specials thrive on doing something different to their paid roles, giving back to their community and being part of a force that cares and delivers.

“Throughout this past 12 months the work of our specials has been vital; when the call comes, they are always there to answer and it fills me with pride.

“Ask yourself Do you want to be part of making a real positive difference in others’ lives? If the answer is yes! #DoSomethingSpecial to apply now.”

Certain roles – where a conflict of interest may occur – are exempt from applying. Eligibility criteria applies. Successful applicants would be expected to start in October 2021. Further information and the application form can be found at