Energise your recycling and share this Rushden firm’s passion for recycling food waste


“Sometimes taking a different path is the best thing you could ever do.” 

So says Davina Kehoe, founder and CEO of The Food Waste Warriors. 

Based in Rushden, she started her first environmentally-focused business this year as a direct result of Covid. 

She said: “It came from personal experience and frustration at not being able to find stylish kitchen compost bins that came with everything you needed all at the same time. 

“I was surprised that nobody was offering a range of products to make a one-stop-shop solution to household food waste recycling.

“I saw a potential market for durable and aesthetic kitchen worktop food caddies which I could package with good quality liners and/or filters as a complete kit ready to go. 

“Like most people, I was not aware of the damage that food waste in landfill can cause to both the local habitat and in fact, the greater environment.  

“We are a small start-up business, but if I had one piece of advice for someone thinking of starting their own business, but worried about their age, (I am over 55), it would be that taking a different path can sometimes be the best thing ever.

“I watch Dragon’s Den and I am amazed at the confidence of the pitches – I hear the questions the Dragon’s pose and wonder if I would be able to answer each one – I am so excited for my family business and proud of our products.”

You can find out more about The Food Waste Warriors at www.thefoodwastewarriors.com