Stationery chain Colemans announces that it is preparing to close down


Stationery chain Colemans has announced it is closing down.

Joanna Coleman, managing director of the stationery chain and Colemans Craft Warehouse, announced the closure of the Colemans business yesterday (May 11).

She said: “Our wonderful business, founded by my father John Coleman in 1969, and of which we are hugely proud, has reached the end of the road.

“For some time now our business has been struggling to return to pre-Covid levels of sales at its eight branches which cover which counties across the East Midlands.

“Even prior to Covid, retail as a sector, and particularly on the High Streets where we operate, was in decline.

“Then Covid came and we were forced to close all of our shops as non-essential retail – which then remained closed for seven months out of 12.

“With costs soaring and footfall dropping, our business is no longer sustainable”.

She was very keen to emphasise that Colemans has not gone into liquidation, and that she will fulfil all of the company’s obligations to its staff and suppliers.

She said: “We will leave our High Streets with our heads held high.

“We have been in business for 53 years and have created a brand of which we can be truly proud thanks to the incredible hard work of our wonderful staff and the loyalty of our fantastic customers whom I would like to thank sincerely.”

There will be a closing down phase over the next three months at all Colemans shops and the Colemans Craft Warehouse when stock will be reduced to clear.

One branch of Colemans will remain open – Colemans of Oundle – where Colemans also offer its picture framing and print services.

Colemans customers can ring them to request deliveries to other areas on 0333 600 1969 or email

The Oundle Bookshop, which is part of the Coleman Group, will also remain open.

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